Case Study

Case Overview

With the help of eshots, one major enterprise auto manufacturer turned its schedule of 5,000+ annual experiential event days into a data goldmine-both for the brand and for their dealer network.

For industries that target consumers with a high lifetime value, data collection, measurement, delivery and analytics are among the many vital components of a successful experiential marketing campaign. Through a consultative approach and advanced technology, one global auto manufacturer successfully grew their ROI 32%, an astonishing 19x the cost of the eshots program.

Experiential Marketing Problem

This automotive client had many areas of opportunity in their experiential marketing program, including:
     • Wide-spread experiential marketing plan without a central strategy
     • Undefined success metrics and inconsistent survey flows
     • Many event activation partners without a comprehensive, unified plan
     • Unfocused data collection and analysis programs
     • No unified on-site product demonstration strategy

Action Plan

eshots took a consultative approach to the Client’s program, not just helping them find the best lead capture, delivery and analytics technology, but also addressing higher-level, strategic issues with the program. In addition to developing the most effective technology platform, eshots also worked with the Client to create a unified event strategy across all partners and internal teams. It was vital for everyone involved to be using the same playbook and working towards the same goals. This included the following:

Step 1

Worked together with the client to define program success

Step 2

Set key success metrics and tracked them in real-time

Step 3

Set consistent rules for all Client’s activation agency partners

Step 4

Created realistic and obtainable goals for each metric

Step 5

Every action promoted the overall goal

Step 6

Focused all resources on driving the correct metrics

Step 7

Analyzed data and continuously refined approach


The Client is now driving over $1 billion in revenue through the eshots platform annually and is achieving record-levels of conversion on their event data. This amount equates to a 32% increase in ROI on the Client’s overall event marketing spend and a 19x ROI on the total eshots investment

Program results:

     • Driving $1 billion annually through eshots platform     
     • 19X return on eshots overall eshots investment
     • Client increased conversion rate by 57% on quality leads collected
     • 32% increase on event marketing ROI
     • Client saved $500,000 in unnecessary payroll expenses
     • Stand-alone experiential marketing team with all principals aligned
     • All manufacturer nameplates managed by one department
     • Created a consistent process, glossary and data set across all agencies
     • 40 point lift in NPS scores from pre to post test drive
     • Leads pushed to CRM and Dealers in real-time, with faster follow-up
     • Historical benchmarking and trend data for more informed decisions
     • Real time sales matching for the fastest and most accurate ROI results