You Deserve To Work With Leaders In Event Technology

Today, eshots is recognized as the unrivaled leader in experiential marketing technology. We offer the world’s only scalable, fully integrated platform that utilizes processes developed over 20 years, advanced data capture, marketing sciences, and our leading analytics platform, Event Intelligence. 

So why eshots?

We bring nearly two decades of experience to your events. Nobody in the industry has our track record of success, historical learnings and innovation over the years.

We are much more than a technology company. Clients rely on us for our insights, processes and people, as well as our industry leading platform. Technology only enables our team of dedicated account specialists to work our real magic.

We have event intelligence built into our core DNA. Nobody does back-end insights, analytics, reporting, sales/ROI tracking better than eshots. Anybody can capture leads, but not everybody can optimize the process and help you close them.

We're a one-stop shop for enterprise event marketers. eshots provides everything you need for your event planning, pre-event needs, at-event needs and post-event needs.

We have your back. We help you own your own data, set your own goals and keep your activation staff consistent and accountable.

Laser focused on customer service. Achieving high net promoter scores from our clients are one of our corporate goals year over year. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

We have solid case studies and references. Don’t take our word on it. Feel free to call any one of our clients, who will sing our praises.

Our people, processes and technology are reliable and accurate. Many things can go wrong with event marketing, and we have lived every scenario over the years. Don’t trust your activation goals to others that are still learning the industry.

We’re masters at tracking and growing ROI. If your vendor can’t clearly communicate their success in driving and growing ROI on your event marketing efforts overall, specifically your technology investment, look elsewhere. We are the only company that will make you look smart to your boss, and help you get more budgets allocated in your direction for next year.

We’re a long-term partner with a vision for the future. Not only will our current solutions impress you, our vision for what is possible in terms of event-related data and insights in the future drives our excitement.