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We believe that you can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-first set of marketing sciences solutions, aimed at giving you advanced, data-driven event intelligence to help you make better event decisions and drive higher ROI.
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Industry Benchmarking

eshots has almost two decades of event data that it can leverage to help you make better event planning decisions.  Do you know what you should expect in terms of leads or sales from one event type vs. another, or one region vs. another, or one industry vs. another.  How are your current efforts trending vs. your prior year efforts?  We make sure you are setting and accurately measuring the right strategies.

Market Research

Are you tired of traditional market research where you have to wait weeks or months for insights, and can’t more quickly access your results in a technologically advanced way? eshots is your next-generation partner to study areas such as communication effectiveness, brand sentiment or intent-to-purchase insights around your events.  We’ve partnered with industry-leading market researchers to leverage our technologies and bring market research into the 21st century.

Social Listening

There are tremendous insights to be gleaned from the billions of conversations happening on social media. eshots can help you gather market research insights from these conversations, specifically studying the in-market conversations before and after your events.  Stop relying on small focus groups and start listening to the voices of millions. You will be amazed what insights you can quickly uncover about your brand or event.

Cross-Tab Analysis

Our technology and team members can help you dig into your survey results, in much deeper ways.   It’s less about looking at the results in aggregate, and more about looking at the results from the most relevant people, by specific topic. We help brands uncover needles of actionable insights, in the haystack of data being collected. Do you care which features of your products are important to all respondents or only those with a high intent to buy? Do you care what your overall event attendee demographics are, or how they varied by event or by hour? 

Lead Score Indexing

Through the integration of a proprietary survey response weighted algorithm, we can identify and score leads captured at your events.  This will show you it’s more about the quality of leads than the quantity. Which events are outperforming others on quality leads vs. total leads?  Which consumers are more likely to purchase than others?  eshots can help you prioritize your planning efforts around the best events (not the necessarily biggest events), and can help you prioritize your sales efforts around your best leads (not all leads).

Lead Profiling

Gone are the days of simply capturing contact information around your leads. Today, event marketers need more intelligence around the customer profiles, personas, psychographics, demographics, interests and behaviors around those leads?  Why?  To communicate to them in a personalized voice that will most resonate with them in your offers, and to identify clusters of like-minded individuals. We can help append such data to your database of leads.

At-Event Analytics

If you are only analyzing leads from hand-raisers who shared their information at your event display, you’re missing out. You need more intelligence around customer profiles, personas, psychographics, demographics, interests and behaviors around those leads. What about insights from visitors that didn’t submit information or visited a competitor’s booth? RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, iBeacons and other location-tracking technology have made it easier than ever to gather entire-event related intelligence.  Figure out dwell times and consumer interests around key products, competitor’s displays and more to give you a more holistic view of the event and open up a broader reach to those attendees.

Social Media Amplification

What’s more important—getting in front of the hundreds of people you meet at your event, or the thousands of their like-minded friends in their social networks? We can help you increase your event messaging to millions of potential impressions through our social amplification tools.  We break down the silos between the experiential and social marketing departments inside your organization, and put your campaign on steroids to help drive traffic pre-event and expand the reach at-event.

Cross-Channel Remarketing

If you are simply sending a follow-up email to your leads after your event, and hoping those leads will close in the next year, you are not optimizing retargeting efforts around your events. It takes multiple impressions of your brand, across numerous channels like digital, social, mobile, television and other mediums. Our cross-channel retargeting solution gives you unprecedented ability to reach the exact consumers that visited your event, through multiple channels, helping you keep your brand fresh in their minds. Both through internal sources like your website and social channels, and external sources.

Sales Match

Tracking leads without also tracking sales is like driving blind. eshots can directly integrate with your CRM and match to third party data sources to determine if your leads are actually converting into sales and whether they have purchased your competitors products or not.  Whether we feed data for your analysts to study or our analysts study the data, this sales matching intelligence is the ultimate metric in determining whether or not your events are performing with an ROI first mentality.

We now offer a wide range of exciting new products to help you break down marketing silos inside your organization for easier audience retargeting to consumers cross-channel, to further drive your event marketing success. Let eshots help you drive your experiential ROI today.

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