Demand the Same Insights You Get from Other Channels

We believe that senior marketing executives should demand the same big data and insights out of their experiential activities that they are getting from their other marketing disciplines, to help make smarter business decisions and increase ROI.  

Furthermore, we do not believe data starts and stops at the event.  We’re working on some interesting new technologies and processes that can help get you a more holistic view of your consumers. From your research process (before the event) through their purchase process (after the event), we can drive additional insights about your event attendees, both for your company, and for your competitors.  At the end of the day, using the movie Moneyball an analogy, big data is our enabler. We believe that those that gather the best data, will drive the best insights, decisions and ROI.

The data is yours.  You should own it.  You should define the key success metrics.