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Since 1998 eshots has been the leader in event and experiential marketing technology.  Our Event Intelligence platform, proprietary processes and team of consultative account specialists deliver world-class solutions. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive event data and technology platform, creating a true one-stop solution for event marketers. Our data-driven insights help our enterprise clients make smarter business decisions and deliver a higher ROI on their experiential marketing spend.


Experiential and event technology is constantly evolving. Our experts can be your guide, helping you leverage technology and data to maximize your ROI at events. We can also help set up practices to track and convert those leads into directly attributable sales. We can act as your unbiased scorekeeper, keeping all of your activation teams and agencies on the same page and playing with the same rule book. 

We’ve powered tens of thousands of events and captured millions of consumer leads with our technologies and process over the years, why trust your high-level event decisions to anyone else?
Our client-focused people bring real insights to your enterprise programs, including: 

     ·       Strategic event consulting 
     ·       Measurement plan development and monitoring 
     ·       Onsite management from your headquarters 
     ·       Activation team management from our headquarters
     ·       Cross-department optimization 
     ·       Call center response team


Simply put, eshots provides the most scalable, reliable and innovative technology solutions in the experiential industry. These solutions have one singular purpose, to help event and experiential marketers maximize their ROI.  Since developing the original photo solution for events we’ve evolved into much more, providing applications, hardware, data and consulting solutions to drive consumer engagement at experiential events for some of the world’s largest enterprise brands. 

Complement our world-class technologies with a world-class team to help you maximize the ROI on your experiential marketing investment in a consistent, scalable and reliable way.
     ·       Data capture applications and hardware 
     ·       Real-time data reporting and analytics 
     ·       Rapid Response audience retargeting 
     ·       Event Intelligence data analytics platform 
     ·       Social media sharing 
     ·       Photo and video marketing 
     ·       CRM integration 
     ·       Gamification applications 
     ·       Event registration and data collection microsites 
     ·       Central mission control

Marketing Sciences

We believe that you can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we’ve developed an industry-first set of Marketing Science solutions, aimed at giving you advanced, data-driven intelligence to make better decisions. With products like sales match, audience composition, consumer lead scoring, predictive modeling, social amplification and more, we are ready to be your one-stop-shop for event data and analytics.

We now offer a wide-range of exciting new products to help you break down the marketing silos inside your organization for easier audience retargeting to consumers cross-channel, to further drive your event marketing.
·       Industry benchmarking 
·       Lead score indexing 
·       Audience personas and demographics 
·       Advanced social media amplification 
·       Social listening 
·       Market research
·       Cross-channel retargeting 
·       Sales match 
·       In-depth market research 
·       Consumer profiling 
·       Data appending and aggregation 
·       Cross-tab analysis

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