Product Updates

Consumer Lookup Feature Added


We've made an addition to our experiential data capture tool QuickCapture, with a new consumer Lookup feature. This new feature allows consumers to register one time at a multi-touch point event and then simply check in by looking up their email address at each station. As an example, if you have multiple activities like games, photo features and VR, this feature will allow consumers to simply register once, and then check into each activity simply by entering their email address.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this new consumer lookup feature is the cost savings. This feature allows you to dump the expensive wristbands and lanyards. Between the cost of wristbands/lanyards and staff needed to hand them out, you could save $1,250 or more per day.

This feature is available now, please contact us at for more information.

Snapshot Print - Branding Beyond the Event


We're proud to announce that we've added a new product to our onsite technology suite. Our new photo print station, called Snapshot Print gives Experiential marketers a clean and easy way to send consumers home with a high-quality branded keepsake. This print station is unique in many ways. First, it integrates with several of eshots' industry-leading technologies, including; Snapshot, QuickCapture, Rapid Response and Social Wall. Secondly, its clean, minimalistic, brandable tower design will fit easily into any display without distracting from your activation.

This product is available now, please contact us at for more information.

Boost Engagement with Leaderboard


Our new Leaderboard tool is the perfect complement to your game or competition based activation, providing a real-time scoreboard. Nothing drives consumer excitement quite like a great game and a scoreboard. Our Leaderboard is feature packed and can easily integrate with QuickCapture, our event Microsites or third-party gamification apps. Additionally, you can easily activate several completely different Leaderboards within a single campaign, allowing for a diverse array of consumer engagement tools.

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