evolution of eshots

Company History

At eshots, we like to think of ourselves as revolutionaries in the experiential marketplace. Leveraging a track record as a true industry pioneer, we push the boundaries of technology and innovate new ways for enterprises to make the most of exceptional marketing experiences.

We launched eshots in 1998 with a determination to forever change the event marketing landscape. In the years that followed, we developed eshots' photo marketing product – a solution that transformed the event activation process by converting photos into catalysts for more and higher quality leads.

In 2004, we took experiential marketing to the next level by changing the way information was collected at events. Rather than relying on outdated paper data collection techniques, we equipped forward-thinking brands with the technology to perform electronic survey data capture. With eshots' Electronic Data Capture enterprises and agency partners gained the ability to accurately capture lead data and follow-up with prospective customers in hours or days compared to weeks or months.

Today, eshots is recognized as the uncontested leader in experiential marketing technology. We offer the world’s only fully integrated lead capture and marketing automation platform capable of managing the entire event lifecycle for enterprise organizations. Armed with eshots' technology, our clients excel at connecting with their customers, improving their onsite event strategies and measuring the return on their experiential marketing events.

The marketplace is constantly evolving but wherever the future takes your enterprise, one thing is for sure – eshots will be there with the technology your brand needs to maximize the interactions with consumers that drive your sales cycle.

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