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Simply put, the eshots platform is the most scalable, reliable and innovative event marketing technology solution in the experiential industry. Our platform has one singular purpose, to help event and experiential marketers maximize their ROI with advanced lead capture technology and the reporting tools needed to make that data actionable.  Since developing the original photo solution for events we’ve evolved into much more, providing applications, hardware, data and consulting solutions to drive consumer engagement at experiential events for some of the world’s largest enterprise brands. 
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Reinvent Event Management with EventBoss

Plan, manage, and analyze your events with greater efficiency and immediacy with EventBoss. This groundbreaking productivity app gives event marketers a 360-degree view of their events by centralizing recap reports, critical event information, metrics, images, and files in one place. With EventBoss doing the heavy lifting for your events, performance goals become more achievable.

Real-time Reporting with Event Intelligence

With Event Intelligence from eshots you get relevant, actionable data and insights to help you make more informed decisions. Event Intelligence offers real-time insights into your event or experiential campaigns performance, giving you the agility to make adjustments on-the-fly to improve campaign performance.  Can you measure the quality of your leads, track ROI with sales match or benchmark your campaign’s performance against the industry?  With EI from eshots you can, and more.

Data Capture with QuickCapture 5

eshots, an innovator in event marketing technology, continues to set the bar for event lead capture applications. QuickCapture 5 builds on the legacy of the most scalable and reliable data capture application available. We've added innovative new features to the application already trusted by some the world’s largest brands. Whether you have five annual activations or five hundred, our lead capture technology can easily scale with your program.

Audience Retargeting via Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response event technology harnesses the energy created by first-class activations and transforms it into relevant consumer responses and actionable follow-ups. With eshots’ retargeting tools like Rapid Response, you can keep dialogue with your consumers ongoing, helping to keep the momentum from your experiential efforts.

Social Media Sharing with LiveShare

Experiential marketing isn't just about the event.  It's about your brand's ability to leverage the event as part of a strategy to continue long-term dialogue with consumers. eshots offers social media event technology tools to allow consumers to simply share branded content within their social networks using LiveShare. LiveShare reaches beyond your activation, into your consumers growing social media spheres, helping you generate excitement and share your message via the best marketing channel there is, word-of-mouth.

Photo & Video Marketing with Snapshot

The original photo marketing solution provider, eshots has been helping marketers provide impactful experiences for their audiences for nearly twenty years. eshots provides photo marketing solutions and other event technology solutions to some of the nation’s top brands. Snapshot is the most scalable and simple-to-use photo marketing solution available for enterprise-scale experiential programs.

CRM Integration

Unlike other event marketing solutions, eshots’ experiential marketing platform delivers total CRM integration – combining the power of the world’s most capable event management technology with the reliability of your organization’s existing CRM.

Gamification with QuickPrize

eshots’ gamification solutions amp up your brand's lead capture capabilities by engaging consumers with attention-grabbing games and sweepstakes. QuickPrize, the industry’s leading consumer engagement game application for event marketers, gives your activation teams the tools they need to engage and interact with your target audiences.


Our award-winning responsive microsite solution provides an elegant way to interact with consumers before, during and after your experiential activation. With our event microsite platform your organization can rapidly create and deploy event sites featuring pre-registration, event schedule, event logistics or even photo and video retrieval capabilities.


eshots understands that your data is valuable, and proprietary. We continually keep our systems updated and secure to ensure that your data is protected. All eshots servers and databases run in a dedicated, secure environment, protected by state-of-the-art dual Cisco firewalls and dual Brocade Application Delivery Controllers. This configuration ensures client data is secure and the access to our environment is fully redundant to provide high availability.  All client and consumer data is encrypted as it enters or leaves our environment, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got  you covered.

Complement our world-class technologies with a world-class team to help you maximize the ROI on your experiential marketing investment in a consistent, scalable and reliable way. Let eshots help you drive your experiential ROI today

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