ROI analysis is challenging:
Event Intelligence makes it easier

Event Intelligence lets our clients easily visualize and analyze their event data. When paired with our flagship data capture app, QuickCapture, the duo becomes the quintessential example of our commitment to leading the experiential marketing industry through technology, services and advanced data reporting and ROI measurement.

Event Intelligence is the central-hub that ties together your entire experiential marketing program, giving you deeper insights into your activations than you ever thought possible. Our platform has one singular purpose: to help event and experiential marketers drive higher event marketing ROI through advanced lead capture, analysis, and conversion.


  • An intuitive and modernized interface providing multi-dimensional analysis with improved formation visualization
  • Secure, reliable and accurate
  • Dramatically faster performance
  • Increased flexibility in report creation with the ability to create personalized views into key data points
  • Expanded goal-setting tools and reporting capability
  • Enhanced geography reporting based on event and consumer locations
  • Powerful cross-tab analysis tools to support further exploratory data mining

"Our vision at eshots is to make Experiential the most measurable channel in our clients' marketing portfolio, and this investment is an example of that commitment. We will do this by creating standardized experiential metrics and building the technology to correctly capture and analyze them. We took our industry-leading platform and completely rebuilt it from the ground up. With this new platform, our clients will get better insights, with the highest level of speed and accuracy."

-eshots' Founder and CEO, Craig Steensma

Data-driven Insights

You can't manage what you can't measure. At eshots, we offer industry-first benchmarking and sales matching, so you can assess your event marketing ROI with accuracy and confidence. This robust reporting platform is designed to help you make smarter event decisions with easy-to-use reports that offer insights you didn't know you needed, but will soon rely on.

The eshots Advantage

eshots has over two decades of expertise in the experiential marketing industry, and we know what insights marketers need to track and grow ROI. We help set realistic goals and make sure your teams understand the best way to engage consumers onsite. This ensures that throughout the lifecycle of your programs, the data we collect will be the foundation for a strong analysis and build a successful, ongoing strategy for years to come.