Introducing epass

epass from eshots solves problems that have faced event owners and experiential marketers for decades

You can do all of this, and more with epass from eshots

epass is Your Event's Central Hub

Improving your attendees experience and driving higher ROI for you and your exhibitors

We've brought something completely new to the market, highlighting our commitment to improving the consumer experience at shows and events while driving a higher ROI for show owners and brand marketers alike. EventOS from eshots is the central hub that streamlines all consumer touch-points, dramatically reducing bottlenecks that typically arise at large-scale shows by integrating the following features and creating the strongest engagement opportunity ever seen at large-scale events.

Key Features

  • epass is the key that links consumer data across all of the show's touch points, creating a streamlined experience for consumers

  • Central Registration: Efficient and easy for or event-wide activations

  • Data Capture:  Eliminates repetitive entry of standard contact information, creating faster and efficient means to capture opt-ins

  • Enhanced Digital Experience: Extending the event life-cycle with pre- and post-event consumer engagement online and through custom show apps

  • Insights & Analytics: aggregated and comparative reporting  helps brands benchmark performance vs. total show

  • Back-End integration: Secure and reliable data transfers ensures immediate consumer follow-up

Consumers Benefit

Show attendees will now have the ability to gather product information how they want, when they want. Integrated displays create a streamlined process for initial registration and the whole gamut of consumer engagement touch-points throughout. The bottom-line, register your epass once, and then simply scan at kiosks around the show floor to get the information you want (or enter contests, participate in drive events etc).

Brand Marketers Benefit

Experiential marketers and brands will have access to more leads than ever before. Our central registration process and the simplicity of epass will increase the number of verified leads. The network of brands is able to leverage an array of technologies while sharing costs, and also gaining insights based on the aggregated data collected throughout the activation.

Show and Event Owners Benefit

Remarketing efforts, increased sponsorship revenue and attendance growth strategy become a reality with more consumer data collected than ever before. eshots creates efficiencies within the platform, developing a technologically-advanced set of offerings for the brands to utilize across the network of shows.

What Do People Think?

We've been getting great feedback from Brand Ambassadors and consumers alike. Brand Ambassadors love epass because it helps them connect with more consumers by reducing the amount of time it takes to collect information. Consumers love epass because they get to spend more time enjoying the show and less time filling out contact information over and over again. Don't just take our word for it, check out these brief videos to see why people love epass, and how it is changing auto shows.

Hear what consumers think of epass

How epass is changing auto shows

Hear what Brand Ambassadors think