Services Honed Over Nearly Two Decades

Experiential and event technology is constantly evolving. Our experts can be your guide, helping you leverage technology and data to maximize your experiential marketing ROI. We can also help set up practices to track and convert those leads into directly attributable sales. We can act as your unbiased scorekeeper, keeping all of your activation teams and agencies on the same page and playing with the same rulebook.

Strategic Consulting

With nearly two decades of experience guiding enterprise brand’s technology at experiential activations there isn’t a more prepared group of experts to act as your trusted advisers.  Our proprietary, data-driven industry benchmarks and consultative event strategists will help you make sure you are picking the right events, event types, locations, activation technologies, staffing, data and reporting decisions, to ensure you are maximizing each step of tracking and optimizing ROI around your events.

Cross-Department Management from Your Headquarters

During the planning stages of your experiential campaign we can help you develop a program hypothesis in conjunction with your goals.  This includes defining success metrics as well as streamlining and optimizing reporting through the development of a measurement plan.

Activation Team Optimization 

It's one thing to staff your event with activation agents, but its an entirely different thing to track and optimize the performance of those activation agents across each of your events. Is one team member performing at a higher level than the rest? Is one staffing agency performing better than another agency? More importantly, why is that happening? eshots’ activation management team will dig into the data, event-by-event, day-by-day to make sure the onsite staff is performing the way  you want them to: in a way that captures the most qualified leads possible.

Call Center Response Team

Nothing can derail an experiential activation faster than unexpected complications with your technology.  eshots is ready for any problems that might arise and provides easy to access phone support.  Let us worry about keeping your technology up and running so you can focus on your consumers.

Cross-Channel Marketing Management from your Headquarters

Why does experiential need to live inside a silo in your organization? In today’s customer-centric world, an omni-channel strategy is required to maximize performance and ROI around your events.  eshots’ marketing team can help you break down silos inside your organization, to help set strategies for cross-channel planning, budgeting and collaboration. Now experiential teams can tightly partner with digital, social, advertising, market research and other teams to learn best practices at the intersection of those departments, stimulating a faster conversion of your best prospects.

Having powered tens of thousands of events and captured multi-millions of consumer leads with our technologies and process over the years, why trust your high-level event decision to anyone else. Let eshots help you drive your experiential ROI today

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