Continue the conversation with Rapid Response

eshots' Rapid Response email-based event technology harnesses the energy created by first-class activations and transforms it into relevant consumer responses with actionable follow-ups. With Rapid Response, you can keep the dialogue with your consumers ongoing, helping to keep the momentum from your experiential efforts.


• Personalized communication
• Dynamic content generation 
• Social media integration
• Customizable scheduling
• Promotion and incentive inclusion
• Import capabilities for email marketing
• Dealerization accessible
• Varied templates available

Data-driven Insights

Event Intelligence, our industry-leading reporting platform, offers insights based on each consumer's interaction with their Rapid Response email and ties this data to onsite behavior. Of course we can tell you the basics like how many times did the consumer open their email? But we can give you insights as well. Did consumers click on product pages, social media buttons or maybe the call-to-action for contacting dealers? If multiple Products-of-Interest were selected onsite, hyperlinked product pages can give intelligence on what the consumer is most likely interested in.  Our insights take you on the consumer journey and help understand the best ways to continue the conversations with your consumers.

The eshots Advantage

eshots' technology is fully integrated, permitting brands to understand not only how a Rapid Response email is perceived, but also how it correlates with the consumer behavior onsite. The integration also allows for logic to be built in to the remarketing efforts, so based on products of interest or other questions asked, the information or incentives shared within the Rapid Response email will be specific to the consumer interests. Call to Actions can be personalized, directing a consumer to their local dealer creating an efficient and positive brand experience.