Event Management. Reinvented.

EventBoss is a groundbreaking productivity app that lets experiential marketers plan, manage, and analyze the entire event lifecycle.

It intuitively handles many of the crucial field and office tasks right inside of the app, so time spent on event management goes down, the quality of information goes up, and event goals become more easily achieved.

With a 360-degree view across all activations, the entire event lifecycle is more efficiently managed, providing experiential marketers with more time to do what they love most--focus on building an amazing experience!

Planning Done The Right Way

EventBoss is refreshingly purpose-built for experiential marketing, so its host of planning functions are designed specifically for events, and they are accessible with just a few clicks. Once events are entered, the client, agency, and field teams can all work from the same schedule and event information--nobody has to email information around in a non-mobile friendly format.

When You're Mobile, an App Just Makes Sense.

Most tour managers will agree that events are managed on foot, not from a desk. So using a mobile device is an obvious choice for hard-working field staff, but the hectic nature of activations requires something a little more powerful than run-of-the-mill text messaging.

The EventBoss app puts event information, reporting capabilities, media management, and important reminders all in the palm of your hand. This information is automatically shared between planners and tour managers, so there is immediate accessibility to key stakeholders across all critical phases of the event lifecycle: planning, management, and analysis.

Since phones are almost always within reach, the app makes it convenient to capture and share information throughout the day while the recall is fresh.

In moments when there is no connectivity, such as a weak signal or while flying to the next event, the mobile app saves your work so you can pick up where you left off.

EventBoss Features

  • Mobile app with functionalities that are specific to the activation environment
  • All-in-one planning and reporting capabilities to manage multiple campaigns, centralized for efficiency
  • Get a 360-degree view of your events: data capture metrics that show the what, reports that explain the why, and photos to visualize the how, all in one place
  • Media management
  • Reminder alerts and notifications
  • Fully functional when offline (any data entered is transferred when connectivity is restored)