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7 Essentials for Event Photo Marketing

October 22, 2014

A compelling lead generation activity

There are few activities you can offer your event attendees that are as compelling as photo marketing.  Providing a fun and interactive way to take and share pictures give you an easy opportunity to collect contact information, email addresses, demographic information and more.  If you practice event or experiential marketing and you aren't practicing photo marketing you could be missing an opportunity to increase lead generation and your event marketing ROI.

Find a technology that fits your device needs

Do you need to rent tablets or other photo technology or do you just need to download an app to your existing owned technology?  If you only need to download the application, be sure to find a technology that is approved for use by an app provider like Apple.  Having to go through the approval process Apple requires will increase the chances you will have a stable, fully-functional experience with your photo marketing activation.

Green screen photos

Use green screen photo applications to create engaging consumer experiences. If you want to draw bigger crowds to your event, green screens are one great way to do it.  Green screen provides participants the opportunity to take a fun photo with their friends, while inserting your logo or branding.  It can be something simple like a city skyline, or something more dramatic like being on the field at a sporting event.

Standard and green screen GIFs

If a picture says 1000 words, how many words does a series of images say? If you have a more innovative product launch it might be a wise idea to consider upping your game and providing GIF photo services.  This can even be done with green screen and border options as well, increasing the chances that your images will be shared.

Social media sharing

Offering consumers who take photos the opportunity to share the image directly to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is a great way to amplify brand awareness. Consumers are more tied to social media sites than ever before, and accessing them from computers, phones and tablets.  Don't miss this opportunity to get your branding shared, and possibly driving new traffic back to your event microsites.

Email follow-up

Don't miss the opportunity to use the image as a reason to follow up with your participants.  Sending the image to your participants with an automated, branded email follow-up will keep your brand fresh in their mind and provide an easy opportunity for them to forward your branded content to friends and family. When you follow up via email you can add links to your website, offer incentives or coupons and increase consumer interaction.

Image retrieval from the web

The ability to share socially and via email is great, but directing your participants to an event microsite for retrieval provides alternative data gathering opportunities.  Instead of just forwarding the image, you can ask participants to register and/or fill out a short survey to download their image.  This information gathering can be critical in determining an accurate event marketing ROI.

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