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Can You Improve Your Events with Faster Check-in?

June 18, 2015

Check-in has always been a bottleneck at events.  No matter how prepared you are there always seems to be periods where registration and admission grinds to a halt or slow significantly.  Consider using methods like these to speed up the process and open up those bottlenecks.


When planning for your event, make sure to have a simple-to-use event registration microsite.  Not only does it give you a chance to promote your event, but you can really speed up the check-in process if you’ve already captured their important information.  Also, be sure to make your registration microsite as simple and streamlined as possible to avoid abandonment.  When you use a site like this to collect data, you can also provide simple follow-up after the event via an automated email system like eshots’ Rapid Response. Finally, make sure your registration microsite is mobile-friendly. If it’s mobile friendly then you can offer your consumers the option to register on-site from their smartphone to avoid long lines.

QR Codes and RFID

Of the many common ways to speed up check-in, QR code scanning is one of the best. The QR code could be on a mobile device that has been sent to a pre-registrant or simply printed on a card that is sent to a registrant. Maybe if you are trying to make a splash, you can send registrants something collectible like a bracelet that has a unique QR code printed directly on it.

Another method that is similar to QR codes is the use of RFID tags.  These are a little less practical (and more expensive), only because you need to send something to pre-registrants; the use of mobile doesn’t work here. The advantage to RFID is that your attendees don’t need to hold a code under a scanner.  Depending on the technology used you can hold your wrist up to a scanner or just walk near a sensor.

Day of Event Check-in

You have a lot of options for live, day of event check-ins.  Probably the fastest and most efficient method is to use tablets like iPads to take registrations. A good registration application (QuickCapture from eshots for example) will have a high throughput and collect accurate data.  With QuickCapture all that data you collect can be fed directly into your CRM as well, helping to follow-up quickly.  If you go with the iPad check-in, you can also mix pre-registration and live registration.  Pre-registrants can simply scan the barcode you’ve sent to them using the forwards facing camera and move right through.

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