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Creating an Experiential Data Platform That Supports Growth

May 3, 2019

Growth. It’s a term thrown around in business parlance that has a different meaning depending on who you ask.

For our purposes here, we want to focus on the fundamentals of an experiential data platform that enables growth with the flip of a switch.

So, what is needed for easy experiential growth? Here are three ideas to get you thinking:

1)   Third-party Integration. New technologies will come onto the scene all of the time, and they will be better than the ones that preceded them, so don’t limit the excitement and attractiveness of your activation by not having the capability to expand.

2)   Centralized Reporting. Viewing data from different technologies in different formats using different portals has probably added many a gray hair to even the most seasoned experiential marketer. Learning new reports takes time and delays expansion. Just be sure your data pours into one place where you can view everything, and growth will be easy.

3)   One and Done Registration. The second that someone has to enter the same data (First Name, Email, etc.) multiple times is precisely the moment you can watch them exit your activation. Today’s consumer has grown up with “auto fill,” their browsers remember their credit card number, and their cars resume the song that was playing on their media app of choice upon reentry. Your experiential strategy will find it difficult to successfully expand if you are neglecting the fundamentals.

Done right, a platform built for growth lets brands and agencies easily make strategic modifications when change or expansion is needed. Done wrong, it can create a mountain of work that takes an excessively long time to accomplish, or as we’ve seen in many cases, because it can be such a tall order, changes are abandoned and the “can keeps getting kicked down the road” at the expense of creating an experience that will pique consumers' interest.


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