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eshots and the Kansas City Auto Show Announce EventOS with epass Integration

January 30, 2017

We're proud to announce our second Auto Show partnership of 2017, this time with the Kansas City International Auto Show. This EventOS with epass integration aims to dramatically improve the consumer experience, as well as data capture for auto brands. This platform will streamline the consumer experience by centralizing registration across multiple show floor touchpoints. In the past, consumers have always been required to repeatedly enter contact information to get vehicle information, enter contests or sweepstakes, participate in test drives, and more. EventOS with epass will reduce the amount of time required to check in, giving attendees more time to experience the show, and less time entering repetitive information.


Consumers Benefit

Show attendees will now have the ability to gather product information how they want and when they want it. Integrated displays create a streamlined process for initial registration and the whole gamut of consumer engagement touch-points throughout. The bottom-line, register your epass once, and then simply scan at kiosks around the show floor to get the information you want (or enter contests, participate in drive events etc).

Brand Marketers Benefit

Experiential marketers and brands will have access to more leads than ever before. Our central registration process and the simplicity of epass will increase the number of verified leads. The network of brands is able to leverage an array of technologies while sharing costs and also gaining insights based on the aggregated data collected throughout the activation.

Show and Event Owners Benefit

Remarketing efforts, increased sponsorship revenue and attendance growth strategy become a reality with more consumer data collected than ever before. eshots creates efficiencies within the platform, developing a technologically-advanced set of offerings for the brands to utilize across the network of shows.

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