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eshots’ Stars Shine at Annual Company Awards

February 8, 2018

During our recent annual holiday party, we took the opportunity to recognize some of our outstanding employee contributions from 2017. eshots was founded on the principle that people and culture are a company's greatest assets. As part of our commitment to culture, our managers work with their teams to be a positive force for change in our industry, to bring tremendous passion to their roles and to use high-quality data to drive better decision making for our clients. Each year we recognize the employees that best embody those qualities, all of which are featured below.

Change Award Winner: Shehaam H.
The Change Award goes to the person that embodies everything eshots stands for, while constantly delivering products or actions that make significant change at the company. Shehaam drove significant change on the Product team, and co-workers said that she’s “continually working to improve and change our products.” 

Passion Award Winner: Pascal W.
The Passion Award goes to the person that exemplifies an above and beyond commitment to eshots, to their co-workers and to their clients. Pascal’s efforts over the past year have been critical to completing major development projects while managing a critical internal team. A colleague mentioned that Pascal “consistently goes above and beyond to deliver his work with little to no defects.”

Discipline Award Winner: Allison E.
The Discipline Award goes to the employee that shows true leadership, internally and externally, while constantly working to improve processes. Allison has been instrumental in her partnership with key clients and finding innovative solutions to address their needs. Co-workers were also quick to point out that Allison “is consistently working on how to use data to tell a powerful story that demonstrates eshots’ full value to the client and disciplined in getting that work done.”

Client Support Champ of the Year: Rolando R.
Rolando was instrumental to the Operations and Support groups in 2017. In addition to his duties in the Operations department, Rolando also led the way for our Client Support team. A co-worker mentioned that Rolando “has really taken the reigns and made strides to make sure that no one feels like their alone at an event without support.”

MBO of the Year Winners: Win T. and Wojciech T.
The MBO/Above and Beyond Award winners earned this distinction for painlessly managing a massive technology transition when we moved into our new corporate headquarters on the 52nd floor of Chicago’s famous Aon Center. A weekend office move can be difficult for a technology company that supports Saturday and Sunday client activations, but thanks to their hard work this move went off without a hitch.

Rookie of the Year Award Winner: Clyde G.
The Rookie of the Year Award goes to Production team member Clyde Gordon. This award is given to a new staff member who made the greatest contribution towards achieving our corporate goals, representing our cultural values and maintaining a great attitude. According to his colleagues, Clyde’s “dedication, commitment, perseverance, and willingness to keep pushing,” have been critical to the team success.

Employee of the Year Award Winner: Britany T.
It goes without saying that the Employee of the Year is the person that most exemplified eshots’ core cultural values. According to her colleagues, Britany is “a team player, always striving to add value.” Another colleague stated that “She’s passionate about her work, her clients, and operates with a certain level of discipline and commitment to change that makes people around her better.” 

Congratulations to all our award winners!

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