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Event Intelligence: Understanding Your Event Survey Data

October 22, 2014

Event Intelligence, the event data analytics platform from eshots provides impactful insights into your activations. Advanced reporting from EI gives you deep insights into one of the most critical aspects of an event marketing strategy, your survey data. 

Survey data is critical to developing an understanding of your target consumers.  What was their opinion of your brand, both before and after your interaction with them?  Did they provide feedback on your activation?  Having powerful analytical tools can give you an advantage over your competition.

Demographic AnalysisUse visitor surveys and Event Intelligence to learn more about your customers through advanced demographic analysis. Survey data reporting will be as simple or as complex as your survey structure is designed.  Are you using dynamic branching logic within your surveys?  If not you could be missing the opportunity to learn more about your target demographics while not wasting your efforts on non-targets.

BenchmarkingAre all of your events performing or are some lagging behind?  Benchmarking your survey data from one event to another can give insights into your strategy’s success.  How do your survey data stats compare to your industry? eshots can offer industry benchmarking, letting you know how you are performing against competitors your specific industry, not just within your own events.  Wouldn’t you like to know if your survey abandonment rate is higher or lower thank your rivals?

Prove ROIReporting from Event Intelligence’s event survey results can help you prove your event marketing return on investment.  Contact information captured during surveys can be tracked throughout the sales funnel, giving you detailed conversion data.  If you can prove accurate ROI, it may help you increase your event marketing budget for the following year.

At-event AnalysisWas the quantity of devices accurate at all events?  Was the survey relevant to every event?  Getting clarity from survey data can help you identify areas where you can improve your customer experience.  Did you have enough staff?  What there enough technology to handle the anticipated crowd?  If you were short on people or technology then it’s possible that rushed surveys contain inaccuracies or that people abandoned the long line.

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