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Three Great Ways to Extend Your Event’s Reach

March 17, 2016

Three Great Ways to Extend Your Event’s Reach

You’ve spent months planning and you’ve driven thousands of consumers to your event.  You’ve collected their data and begun the conversation between them and your brand. Now what? There are many options out there to extend your events reach beyond the event, here are a few of the most important.

Social Media Amplification

Getting in front of a few thousand people is the name of the game, but getting your messaging in front of them and all of their social media contacts is even better. Whether you are using a photo app (Snapshot) or a gaming app (QuickPrize) to engage consumers, allowing your attendees to share their experiences will multiply your reach exponentially. The key is to reduce friction as much as possible to encourage sharing. By streamlining the process and using technology that is intuitive, easy to use and quick, you are much more likely to get acceptance from your target audience. Also, don’t forget about hashtags when organizing your event. That’s another great way to grow and track your social media interactions.

Consumer Retargeting to Event Attendees and Look-a-Likes

Another way to expand your event reach is to take your first party data that you’ve collected and turn it into a much larger audience.  How is this possible you ask? Let’s say that ACME Insurance Co. collected 100,000 leads over the summer at various professional sporting events. With eshots’ help they could take that data and use it to learn about their demographic, psychographic and interest categories. Now that we’ve learned about their interests we can find other consumers that ACME might not have interacted with, but share the exact same demographics and interests.  With that information we can turn a list of 100,000 viable leads into an equally valuable list of 1 million or more. eshots can take that new, larger list and remarket to them across multiple channels. 

Incentive Laden Emails

Classics are often considered classics for a reason and email is one of those examples. If a consumer has taken the time to give you their email address, then you should take advantage of that and try to entice them with some exciting offers. Maybe they took a photo in your booth and identified some interest in one of your products.  A quick follow-up with their image, an easy way to share the image via Facebook or Twitter, and a 20% off discount is surely going to generate traffic to your website and revenue for your bottom line.  Rapid Response email technology from eshots harnesses the energy created by first-class activations and transforms it into relevant consumer responses and actionable follow-ups. With Rapid Response, you can keep dialogue with your consumers ongoing through compelling and timely email communication, helping to keep the momentum from your experiential efforts.


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