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To Build a Brand, You First Need to Build the Right Experience.

June 15, 2021

So much more goes into branding than whimsical messages, fun graphics, and a catchy tagline.

As much as we’d like it to be possible, even the best marketing teams cannot precision engineer a brand.

A brand is the result of marketing initiatives, product/service benefits, and how well consumers are supported. By excelling in these three areas, a solid brand will be built.

On the marketing initiatives front, and since experiential technology is our wheelhouse, we have seen first-hand how consumer opinions form as they engage with a brand, proving that technology decisions do have an impact on a brand’s overall value and perception.

For example, if a multi-station display with several interactive technologies are linked to a single registration, that simplicity practically begs consumers to engage, which captures more data points for the brand, and leads to better remarketing for real return on investment.

Conversely, if consumers are being surveyed and the same data (like an email address or phone number) needs to be entered over and over, it’s a clunky experience that not only negatively impacts the brand, but many consumers will just abort the experience altogether.

These examples may seem like nothing more than nuances, but they're not, and there are a lot more them!

Here are some of the more important considerations:

* Readability - Are consumer-facing technologies visually appealing and understandable? 
* Customizable - Does the experience match the brand's goals, or is the experience being forced based on the technology's limitations?
* Actionable - Will the data collected be safe, segmented, and ready for retargeting as soon as the event concludes (or earlier!)?

It is easy (and common) to choose an experiential technology based on how it meets the marketing team’s needs, but we’re here to tell you there’s another very important team that must be considered if you want your brand to flourish—the consumers you wish to engage!

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