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What it Means to Scale Data Capture (and why it’s important)

August 24, 2022

For consumer data capture, the term “scaling” is often thrown around haphazardly.

So, what does it mean to run an organization’s data capture at scale?

In a nutshell: it means to deploy a purpose-built, flexible data capture architecture that reduces data acquisition costs while simultaneously capturing more actionable data.

That’s really it. (Although, easier said than done, right?)

Here are the top 3 payoffs that—not us, but our clients—have cited as game changers as a result of engaging eshots’ scalable data capture platform. (We can’t think of a much better compliment than when a client gives us credit for helping improve their organization!)

More Precise Targeted Marketing

Scalable data capture platforms provide insights in real-time, letting brands dynamically create experiences that resonate with consumers pre, during, and post event. In the end, this accelerates the purchasing cycle and volume of transactions.

Data Integrity Across Departments

Data acquisition always comes with a cost, but a scalable approach is built to harmonize a brand’s data models and technology stack.

As a result, our clients share data capture across experiential and digital teams, and it shaves thousands, if not millions, off their annual data capture expenditures while maintaining the highest security protocols. Cue the familiar expression: kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Transparency Into Processes

Consistent data models are the key to having in-depth, precise analytics, and they’re also the default in a scalable data capture platform.

With a 360 degree view into the numbers and analyses of a consumer experience, our clients can quickly figure out the areas needing improvement. (And by the same token, it also confirms which strategies that are outperforming goals to reaffirm a good thing!)

Building a scalable strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months of strategizing, development, and analysis to be done properly. Even after deployed, there is a steadfast process of fine tuning and adjustment.

But the effort is worth the payoff, and the payoff lets experiential teams expand investments, grow budgets and boost a brand’s consumer reach.

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