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What’s In A Name? (Not enough information for marketers, usually.)

September 24, 2019

Let’s face it: the needs and preferences of consumers who pay a visit to your activations vary—even if only a little bit.

Merely capturing a name and an email address doesn’t give marketers enough intelligence to effectively retarget after an activation.

A good experiential marketing strategy not only captures contact information, it also learns about consumers’ preferences, and it keeps those learnings safe so they can be actioned.

How do you up the ante to best facilitate retargeting and lead nurturing so the leads you worked so hard to capture bear fruit? Well, read on, dear reader!

Build Profiles, Not Lists of Names

Solid event data capture goes beyond basic contact information. Instead, it is comprised of descriptive consumer profiles that can be easily segmented.

Your secret weapon here is strategic survey design. The approach in how questions are worded, question sequencing coupled with branch logic, and how responses are delivered is an art that’s definitely worth learning to procure actionable consumer data.

Let Product Attributes Drive Your Data

Here’s a tip: narrow down 2-3 attributes of each product offering that consumers find desirable, and build survey questions around these attributes. Product-specific responses tell a lot about a consumer’s purchase intent, and they will become the foundation for your savvy segmentation.

Once you have the survey down and configured the architecture of your consumer profiles, take the next step and build a platform to support them.

Be Nimble, Be Quick

Having a platform for retargeting is essential, and while these come in all shapes and sizes, a properly built platform effortlessly segments attendees and gets post-activation messages out the door efficiently.

There is a catch when using rich consumer data. You need to act fast. The most successful marketing leaders are nimble and use the insights from consumer profiles to start the retargeting effort right away.

Make A Competitive Difference

Consumers want to feel special. When their outreach is personal and there is evidence that they were heard, the willingness to interact with your brand increases exponentially.

Bottom line: putting forth the effort to get more than a name and an email from the folks who show up to your display will undoubtedly boost your experiential ROI (and make the CMO happy)!

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